...a deliverable form of multimedia as triggered by insatiable curiousity. A large part of who I am is that of a curious being and always eager to try something new.


Some folks know me more as a videographer, some folks knew me as a rapper. Some know me as an writer, little know me as a painter. Here's some goods I've created over the years. Take a stroll!


I'm a left-handed middle child from Ohio. With interests in all aspects of multimedia, with a current emphasis on Graphic & Web Development. Currently I'm knee deep in Front End Development using Middleman and Ruby on Rails.

Aside from the aforementioned, I enjoy Playstation 4, (having just kicked a Fallout 4 addiction), all while looking forward to the next installation of Metal Gear & Final Fantasy. I enjoy Chicken & Waffles (don't hate if you haven't had it...it's good!), a great craft beer (stout & porter are my favs), travelling to new/favorite destinations and music from the '90's.


Feeling itchy to do something? Just do it. Go for it. Accept no excuses for the long term goal. If your thinking your stinking. #NoExcusesLongTerm