Who am I? I am who? Am I Who? I Who Am? These are the hard hitting questions!

Darnell Creates!

Create. Sleep. Repeat.

I'm a left-handed middle child from Ohio. My interests in anything multimedia reach back to my childhood, where I would draw in my 80ct wide ruled notepad, which I was supposed to be doing classwork in (lest we not tell my 4th grade teacher 😏).

The desire to illustrate would weave in and out of my life over the years as I created in other mediums such as music, videography, photography, web development and design.

My Favorite Moments

Alaska Videography | May 2009

An unforgettable opportunity from my days as a cruise ship videographer. Travelling on and offboard, I was tasked with recording video as passengers took in the beauty across Alaska.

RAW Artists Presents: Envision | March 2018

Participated in an art showcase at the House of Blues Cleveland. This event featured a host of local & talented musicians, photographers, painters and more!

Laughs, Eggs, Bacon & Gratitude | January 2017

Originally titled "A Strangers' Empathy" -- Going to grab breakfast like usual led to an unexpected heart to heart with a stranger.