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UX & Web Development

With over a decade of Front End Web Development experience, my goal is to create a user experience that best represents your brand. 

Recent Projects


Munchploits is a blog that I created and run full of recipes and food related posts. I started learning how to cook entrees in 2019 and since then, found myself immersed in cooking!

Avatar Creation Suite

This app idea came from noticing a lack of tools for managing one avatar across different gaming and social platforms. This would be perfect for both professional and casual gamers who enjoy replicating themselves in the games they play.

AID: Avatar Creation Suite

City of Cleveland Website Redesign

I had this idea for a significant redesign project to work on with my mentee during downtime. We started a thorough review of the City of Cleveland’s webpage. This involved developing user profiles, frequently examining the current site structure, understanding the website’s depth, and integrating it with modern web design. This gave her practical experience in UX Design and the website redesign process.

Holistic Hands

Holistic Hands brings cleansing, balance, relaxation, a pain and stress-free lifestyle while supporting you in healing. I designed this website to support their effort and to allow customers to book an appointment online.


MEAUX is a entity that has the objective to bring global awareness and correction to injustices that plague our community.

About My Experience

My experience in web development/tech ranges in eCommerce, government, non-profit, SaaS application and portfolio based websites.

I am knowledgable in building websites via WordPress, Elementor and Drupal and have a past in building websites from the ground up leveraging HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, nodeJS, Ruby on Rails and assorted CSS Frameworks. I also have over 5+ years of mentor and leadership experience in small and large teams alike.

As a UX Designer with 5 years of experience, I leverage my web development background to create designs with the developer in mind. With over 10 years in the field, I still enjoy exploring the ever-changing landscape in the tech industry with the emergence of Web 3.0.

Learn more about my career in tech and as a creative in general via my LinkedIn!

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